About Kim Krejca.

Food and Prop Styling is my life, I live it and I love it! For me, the saying, “If you do what you love the money will come”, has turned out to be true, I make a living at food and prop styling. My world is seen through a series of still life moments.
I’ve been in advertising for more than 25 years, in Chicago and Arizona, and can’t imagine working in any other field. Working with art directors, clients and photographers is as exciting today as when I first began. I love the collaborative process.

I’m always on the hunt for new and unusual props, this obsession started when I was in high school. My prop room runneth over, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting! This pursuit includes everything from old textured doors, linens, textiles, dishes, serving pieces, fabrics and so much more. I believe that the addition of the simplest prop can change a story or set the mood in a single photograph.

Knowing how to build the food for the camera is an exercise in engineering, sculpting and composition. What I see on set and what I see through the camera are very different. Knowing how to translate this takes experimenting and experience as creating enticing food is the responsibility of the food stylist.

My home is where I experiment through entertaining and design. It’s my personal workshop and it gives me great pleasure. I love the freedom it allows me to take chances and push boundaries through combining the ordinary with the unusual.